The mission of NFL Player Engagement, a department within the National Football League, is to have a positive impact on values and culture, while promoting the personal and professional growth of players and their families before, during, and beyond their NFL experience. Through programming like NFL Prep, NFL Life, and NFL Next, the NFL Player Engagement department assists players in adjusting to life within the NFL, while challenging them to prepare for their next careers after their football-playing days are through.


NFL Player Engagement wanted to enhance the personalization, automation, and design of their email marketing that is sent to professional football players, NFL fans, media influencers, and organizations serving youth and families.


Working within the their existing technology systems, we identified engagement and workflow opportunities that would optimize their inbound effort. In addition, our solution addressed the need to have scalable mobile friendly email templates across different audience types.


Collaborating with the NFL’s marketing department and production partners, ikonic created a new workflow and templating system to distribute email campaigns to segmented audiences based on the content strategy. The design was built-out responsively to ensure that content optimized for a wide spectrum of screen sizes and devices and tailored to different customer segments and interests.


  • A turnkey email solution that allows the organization to have a cohesive brand image in line with their other communication channels.
  • Open rate increased more than 25%.
  • Click through rate (CTR) increased 30%.
  • A 20% decrease in bounced visits.
  • Over 120% more pages per session.
  • The revamped email program continues to build more relevant relationships.