Project Context

Relias offers online training to organizations in senior care, health and human services, public safety, and advanced illness. It’s their mission to help clients achieve the highest quality practice and accreditation standards with online learning and compliance programs.

Relias and ikonic have been close partners since 2014 when Relias approached ikonic to help them rebuild their aging content management system and consult on their overall technology stack. Relias were eager to learn how they could better leverage marketing automation products such as Hubspot and Marketo and ikonic was eager to help.


With this project ikonic researched and created a strategy to incorporate features such as AB testing and real-time personalization – into Relias’ technology stack. Ikonic recommended Hubspot as part of our strategy and consulted on the many ways Relias would begin leveraging these new tools.

Our strategy also included a refreshed front-end design informed by weeks of user experience exercises. Our research exposed usability problems and code bugs which we would resolve through the development pipeline.

Marketing Automation

HubSpot’s marketing software has everything Relias needed to run successful inbound marketing campaigns, improve lead acquisition, and improve brand loyalty. The combination of CRM, Sales, and Marketing tools in one product was appealing to Relias as a long-term solution to their fragmented technology stack. This transition would take a long time and require additional strategy.

Platform Development

Our work on the Relias website started with a complete platform rebuild. The outdated content management system was migrated to HubSpot COS in collaboration with Relias’ internal design team. The ikonic development team rebuilt website components large and small to adapt better across different screen sizes. We also refreshed the existing design with the goal of providing a more interactive, modern user interface while keeping true to Relias’ brand standards.

The extensive platform migration included nearly 30 landing pages, three public-facing blogs, more than 200 articles, and a custom course import api designed to synchronize nearly 3,000 active courses available in the Relias library. As part of the development process ikonic also helped train Relias staff on the new content management tools, personalization engine, and more.

Modular Page Building

By utilizing a modular page-building method offered on HubSpot’s COS, Reilas is now able to create dynamic web pages for each of their target verticals, for example: Home Care, Children & Families, and Skilled Nursing. Our team built more than two dozen templates and custom layout modules to enable rapid page building by Relias’ marketing team.


Relias re-launched their website on the Hubspot COS and marketing automation system built with future scale and development in scope. Critical enhancements to the Hubspot COS ensure the site will look great on all screen sizes, and improvements to the platform’s design ensure the platform will be well received for a long time to come.

As they look to the future, the Relias marketing team is excited about new features coming to HubSpot’s COS and intent to build out a larger strategy surrounding dynamic and personalized content – a feature provided by the Hubspot COS.

By harnessing the power of Hubspot’s personalization tools, Relias aims to create a hyper-personalized customer experience with the ultimate goal of driving sales and increasing customer loyalty.