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By: Jared Wick on June 6, 2018

Common Myths About Experience Design

Experience Design

If you are approaching design thinking concepts for the first time you may have some preconceived notions about experience design that range from incomplete to completely false. We identified several myths and misconceptions about experience design commonly found in sales and marketing teams to help you skip the confusion. What is experience design? Experience design…

By: Jared Wick on February 1, 2018

Tested: Our Favorite Prototyping Tools Reviewed

Experience Design

These four prototyping tools are doing some heavy lifting for experience designers. Our design team put them to the test to decide which tool would most enhance our workflow. We love software that helps us work more efficiently while improving the outcome of our efforts and all of these tools have the potential to do just…

By: Wes Herzik on January 17, 2018

The 3 most common UX Maps

Experience Design

Experience maps, customer journey maps, and service blueprints represent different processes and goals, yet their purpose is to align the customer experience with business initiatives, yielding opportunity and insight into innovative products and services. They are a means to engaging interdisciplinary team conversation and establishing common ground. This article is an overview of the three most…

By: Jared Wick on January 15, 2018

Exercises To Replace Traditional Brainstorming

Content Strategy | Experience Design

Brainstorming isn’t as effective as many believe it to be. While sharing ideas in groups is essential, the typical, unstructured format of brainstorming sessions leads to groupthink, a situation where the first few ideas are quickly validated before more creative ideas can come to light. Early ideas also provide a template or anchor for the…

By: Jared Wick on June 8, 2017

The Evolution Of Marketing Through CX

Experience Design

Marketing is both expanding and evolving as consumers continue to place a higher value on the experience they have with a company. We are creating more experience design strategies than ever and executing experience design patterns across digital channels. These responsibilities often include: Customer Research Surveys, outreach, analytics, demographics… Marketing teams use all of their tools to…

By: Jared Wick on May 10, 2017

Experience Design Strategy: A North Star Approach

Experience Design

The human experience is rapidly shifting from physical to digital and the demand for high-quality digital experiences is higher than ever. Companies are taking note and moving as quickly as possible to compete by improving the many points through which they reach customers and in many cases their own employees. This new economic shift is…

By: Jared Wick on May 9, 2017

As Above, So Below The Fold

Experience Design

In case you forgot, “the fold” is an invisible line on a webpage drawn at the bottom edge of the browser window. Content which is above the fold does not require scrolling to view. Content that is below the fold requires a user to scroll past the fold to view. The fold was once a…

By: Wes Herzik on May 5, 2017

UX Design Process from 10,000 feet

Experience Design

Each and every project presents a unique opportunity for your business. As such, you should never approach an assignment the same way. But, there are several steps to consider on your way to success and this article will touch on some of the familiar phases: DISCOVER Use your goals to identify technical requirements while assessing…