There are thousands of products that promise to elevate your marketing game. While we have yet to try them all, ikonic has invested thousands of hours testing and integrating many of the popular SaaS tools that organizations use to conduct business. So why do we constantly test and learn? Well, we must provide informed decisions to our clients and we like to learn about stuff that improves the customer experience.

Considering New Technologies & Software

The thought has probably crossed your mind as we hear it often: “What products are right for my team?” “How do I integrate new technologies into an already existing environment?” Our response is what does success look like. Also, we frequently hear stories of long-term contractual obligations with existing service providers. Are you licensing or otherwise bound to a product that no longer meets your needs? Another big one is to get your dev team thinking about the process of migrating data from legacy technology into the new system early as this typically goes 80% easy and 20% hard. Again, all depends on your goals and needs and just about every company has different requirements.

How To Make The Most Of Marketing Automation

In recent years, marketing automation has emerged as the go-to tool for marketing professionals across every major industry. Marketing automation platforms like Marketo, Pardot, and Hubspot integrate with your existing website or content management system, syncing with common products like Salesforce and Google Analytics, and many more. All companies can take advantage of marketing automation software, whether be it health care, education or financial services… the list goes on. Only you can decide what – and how much – is right for you.

A Few Tools That We Use Often

  • Marketo
  • Salesforce
  • Mixpanel
  • Moz
  • Hubspot
  • Optimizely
  • Lattice
  • Heap
  • Pardot
  • Microsoft BI
  • StitchData
  • Optimizely

Staff Training & System Optimization

Adding new products to your team’s workflow is not always easy. It requires patience and hands-on training with a product specialist to bring your entire team up to speed. This process can be costly and risky which makes it all the more important that you plan sufficient time for onboarding.

Final Thoughts

While we have yet to try them all, ikonic has invested innumerable hours with the tools enterprises rely on to grow their business. While there is redundancy, each SaaS has something unique to offer so expect to spend a lot of time researching and demoing the tool that will come close to meeting your needs (you won’t find the perfect one).  As you build enthusiasm for a new system, consider how it will change organization processes as this will help you plan and shepherd scalable changes – you will likely meet a mix of supporters and resistors. And, before you sign don’t hesitate to ask Sales for the cherry on top of the Sundae, as you very well might get it, but only if you ask.