While most marketers understand the value of lead capturing, lead nurturing, campaign programing, and ROI reporting, they often struggle to operationalize these processes, which is why it’s critical to partner with a qualified Marketing Automation consultancy who considers the entire customer experience. In this light, ikonic helps organizations with Campaign Development, Training, and Advanced Development.

Managing Business Change

Successful implementation of marketing automation is more than technology. It also affects process and people. We will need to modify behaviors and practices within the organization to improve the buyer experience and drive more revenue. Cross-functional departments need to acknowledge that this is a journey to Modern Marketing and that your teams will adapt with the right expertise and guidance as we demonstrate value and analytics to support each stage of the buyer journey.

Marketing & Sales Alignment
We help organizations transcend the traditional silos of sales and marketing teams by using agreed-upon common revenue goals and integrating technologies central to data management, such as CRM. This connection improves visibility into ‘dirty data’ so marketers can standardize lists of values, normalize data, and ensure accuracy in future data collection sources.

Marketing Automation Campaign Best Practice
Customer research and journey mapping help identify the marketing channels to pursue, but poor data makes it increasingly difficult for marketers to accurately reach prospects and customers with the right messages at the right times. To be effective, marketers must be creative, targeted, and aligned with business goals; they must also have greater visibility into buyer attributes and behaviors. Our best practice sessions are tailored to improve your campaign performance, no matter your marketing goals.

Platform Selection & Customization

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with which Marketing Automation platform to choose. We look at your current business and processes to provide recommendations on the platform that best suits your resources and goals. We then help you form a strategy to get executive buy-in so you can benefit from the power of marketing automation.

Content Strategy

To engage with prospects in a meaningful way, you must develop ways to address and align messaging across all digital channels. To do this effectively, you must have a content marketing strategy in place to provide nurture programs – often referred to as drip campaigns. A good content strategy echoes customer ‘pain points’ and matches the information architecture.

Targeting and Segmentation
Automated marketing campaigns can segment potential customers across a number of dimensions including demographics, activities, length of engagement and interests, and serve up this content based on prospect behavior and intent. Getting to this level of engagement requires avoiding batch and blast outreach methods that far too many organizations pursue as smart marketing but is reality is legacy marketing tactics. The lack of effectiveness is why popular email systems like MailChimp are integrating Personalization into their platform.

Interactive Landing Pages
We are rooted in user experience so we’ve been champions of usability testing and page optimization for over a decade. Clients come to us to build interactive landing pages that convert when they’ve tapped their resources or implemented a design that just doesn’t meet expectations. We dive in taking a hard look at the page purpose and design fresh interactive creative that paves a seamless path to call to action.

Accountability across the organization has pressured marketers to implement systems for measurement to help demonstrate the impact initiatives have on generating qualified sales leads and revenue from each campaign. It’s essential to have reliable reporting to understand data elements of each phase of the marketing and sales funnel from multiple systems. Depending on your business needs this information can be gathered within the marketing automation system, CRM integration, or utilizing a data warehouse / BI Tool to monitor and report insights – necessary components in making smarter, better decisions that drive results.


One size doesn’t fit all to get the most out of Marketing Automation or eCommerce platform so we tailor our training to suit the needs of each team, providing a combination of fundamental and advanced learning. Sometimes this could be configuring rules to deploy automated cart abandonment email campaigns or more hands-on, personalized training.  We’ll help you understand how all the tools fit together, learning inbound marketing best practices, and processes needed to execute your next campaign.


Beautiful, smart websites are more than just skin deep. At ikonic we firmly believe that leveraging APIs and integrating systems offers tons of hidden consumer insights and significant usability enhancements. Getting all the different systems integrated requires skills, experience, and a vision – and lots of QA. That’s what we do.