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By: Jared Wick on June 6, 2018

Common Myths About Experience Design

Experience Design

If you are approaching design thinking concepts for the first time you may have some preconceived notions about experience design that range from incomplete to completely false. We identified several myths and misconceptions about experience design commonly found in sales and marketing teams to help you skip the confusion. What is experience design? Experience design…

By: Jared Wick on February 1, 2018

Tested: Our Favorite Prototyping Tools Reviewed

Experience Design

These four prototyping tools are doing some heavy lifting for experience designers. Our design team put them to the test to decide which tool would most enhance our workflow. We love software that helps us work more efficiently while improving the outcome of our efforts and all of these tools have the potential to do just…

By: Wes Herzik on January 17, 2018

The 3 most common UX Maps

Experience Design

Experience maps, customer journey maps, and service blueprints represent different processes and goals, yet their purpose is to align the customer experience with business initiatives, yielding opportunity and insight into innovative products and services. They are a means to engaging interdisciplinary team conversation and establishing common ground. This article is an overview of the three most…

By: Jared Wick on January 15, 2018

Exercises To Replace Traditional Brainstorming

Content Strategy | Experience Design

Brainstorming isn’t as effective as many believe it to be. While sharing ideas in groups is essential, the typical, unstructured format of brainstorming sessions leads to groupthink, a situation where the first few ideas are quickly validated before more creative ideas can come to light. Early ideas also provide a template or anchor for the…

By: Wes Herzik on August 18, 2017

Identify Prospects Who Are Ready To Buy

Content Strategy | Marketing Automation

Brands are missing out on the one metric that will help them identify the prospects who are ready to buy. Over the past few years, companies have shifted resources from traditional to digital in hopes of expanding their reach. Many expected their investment to yield more leads – which may have been the case –…

By: Jared Wick on June 8, 2017

The Evolution Of Marketing Through CX

Experience Design

Marketing is both expanding and evolving as consumers continue to place a higher value on the experience they have with a company. We are creating more experience design strategies than ever and executing experience design patterns across digital channels. These responsibilities often include: Customer Research Surveys, outreach, analytics, demographics… Marketing teams use all of their tools to…

By: Jared Wick on May 10, 2017

Experience Design Strategy: A North Star Approach

Experience Design

The human experience is rapidly shifting from physical to digital and the demand for high-quality digital experiences is higher than ever. Companies are taking note and moving as quickly as possible to compete by improving the many points through which they reach customers and in many cases their own employees. This new economic shift is…

By: Wes Herzik on May 9, 2017

Consumer Marketing Technology

Development & Technology

We place advanced technologies at the centerpiece of a wider marketing operation and work within the overall marketing structure to deliver timely, connected experiences. Why should you care? Because your marketing needs to achieve lofty business goals. Insight-led and technology-enabled On any given day we immerse ourselves in buyer journeys, personas, APIs, frameworks, content platforms,…

By: Jared Wick on May 9, 2017

As Above, So Below The Fold

Experience Design

In case you forgot, “the fold” is an invisible line on a webpage drawn at the bottom edge of the browser window. Content which is above the fold does not require scrolling to view. Content that is below the fold requires a user to scroll past the fold to view. The fold was once a…

By: Jared Wick on May 9, 2017

Beyond the Blog: WordPress in the Real World

CMS Implementation & Integration

Rooted in blogging, WordPress is most commonly used for simple publications – with about half of all WordPress sites hosted on the free wordpress.com service. But with a staggering 20% of the internet built on WordPress it is likely you are using far more WordPress sites than you realized – and not just blogs. WordPress sites are often…

By: Wes Herzik on May 8, 2017

Predictive Marketing: Out of Reach For Many

Data & Analytics | Development & Technology

Do you know what predictive analytics is? You probably do, but if not, it’s a process for breaking down vast amounts of data and science to predict which marketing actions have a high probability to succeed and which are likely to fail. It seems complicated and a bit overwhelming. Let’s face it, we’re not all…

By: Megan Nottingham on May 8, 2017

Seven steps to successful content marketing

Digital Strategy | Marketing Campaign

Content marketing has unquestionably emerged in the last couple of years as one of the hottest topics within the spheres of digital marketing, and this is borne out by the fact that newer technology enables a deeper understanding of your customers while allowing you to create more valuable relationships with your most valued customers. So…

By: Megan Nottingham on May 8, 2017

Making the Most of Social

Data & Analytics | Social

The Biggest Keys to Building Brand Awareness When used correctly, social can be a powerful, lead-generating tool for your business. Even traditional channels don’t deliver this kind of brand awareness, not to mention open dialogue. Social removes the barriers between you and your customers. Each and every time a customer likes, posts or shares your company’s story…

By: Wes Herzik on May 8, 2017

Optimization That Drives Consumers

Data & Analytics

What’s the absolute, hands-down best way to influence an online or in-person purchase? A website that’s perfectly personalized and optimized, of course – a site that lets users browse, explore and discover. But how exactly do you measure that effect? Double down on data Lots of companies are facing similar struggles today: How do we…

By: Wes Herzik on May 7, 2017

SEO and Social – Can’t have one without the other

Search Optimization | Social

As with many disciplines embedded in digital, SEO is ever changing. In the last decade, Google released more than 35 major updates, requiring marketer’s to make significant changes to their content and SEO strategy. Aside from black hat techniques (not recommended), no one tactic is proven to produce notable search results on their own. Instead,…

By: Wes Herzik on May 7, 2017

Before You Sign the SaaS Contract…

Digital Strategy

There are thousands of products that promise to elevate your marketing game. While we have yet to try them all, ikonic has invested thousands of hours testing and integrating many of the popular SaaS tools that organizations use to conduct business. So why do we constantly test and learn? Well, we must provide informed decisions…

By: Wes Herzik on May 5, 2017

UX Design Process from 10,000 feet

Experience Design

Each and every project presents a unique opportunity for your business. As such, you should never approach an assignment the same way. But, there are several steps to consider on your way to success and this article will touch on some of the familiar phases: DISCOVER Use your goals to identify technical requirements while assessing…

By: Jared Wick on May 2, 2017

CMS Showdown: Drupal Vs. WordPress

CMS Implementation & Integration

At ikonic, we are focused on delivering the latest technology. When we recommend a content management system (CMS) for your company we identify the solution that will deliver results while considering how it applies to your unique business or marketing needs. Below is a comparison of two of the most popular, open-source content management systems: Drupal and WordPress. We break down key features and…

By: Megan Nottingham on May 1, 2017

You Didn’t Know These Sites Were Built On Drupal

CMS Implementation & Integration

Drupal makes up a mere 2% of the internet (5% of sites built on a content management system), but a growing number of organizations are turning to the content management system (CMS) for its powerful, secure, and flexible code base. This includes fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike. The technology behind the latest version of Drupal is impressive – both…

By: Megan Nottingham on May 1, 2017

Finding Opportunities in Open Source Technology

CMS Implementation & Integration

Evaluating software and services to use within your organization can be difficult. Whether you are looking for a product to form the foundation of your business or a tool to help your team perform more efficiently, you will likely find both open source and proprietary options in the marketplace. But when should you choose an…

By: Megan Nottingham on January 26, 2017

A Fresh Look At Our Marketing Automation Workflow

Marketing Automation

While most marketers understand the value of lead capturing, lead nurturing, campaign programing, and ROI reporting, they often struggle to operationalize these processes, which is why it’s critical to partner with a qualified Marketing Automation consultancy who considers the entire customer experience. In this light, ikonic helps organizations with Campaign Development, Training, and Advanced Development….